Sifu Sung Choi

Sifu, West Coast Wing Chun San Diego

Sifu Sung Choi is the head instructor (known as Sifu) for West Coast Wing Chun San Diego. Sifu Sung began teaching in San Diego back in 2011 with a very simple goal in mind: bring authentic Ip Man Wing Chun to America’s Finest City. Since then the kwoon (our school) has grown into a family environment where we don’t just train together, we grow together. To learn more about authentic Ip Man Wing Chun, please contact Sifu Sung via our contact form!

Sigung Bryan Talbot

Founder, West Coast Wing Chun

Sigung Bryan (the Sifu of Sifu Sung) heads the West Coast Wing Chun family of kwoons, and the parent kwoon that started it all in Long Beach, CA. His Sifu, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, was taught by both Ip Man’s sons, Ip Ching and Ip Chun. His love and dedication to traditional Wing Chun guides our culture and ensures that tradition endures.

Sifu Lee Kim

Sifu, West Coast Wing Chun Layton, Utah