Thank you for your interest in learning Wing Chun!

The following guidelines and requirements have been created to allow "all" individuals a fair opportunity to become a West Coast Wing Chun™ student/family member irrespective of martial art experience.

  1. All prospective students must first successfully complete and pass our "Intro to Wing Chun Boot-camp™" course before being accepted as a West Coast Wing Chun™ student/family member. The curriculum has been designed to prepare the prospective student for entry into our current ongoing classes. Upon successful completion of the course the prospective student will possess a foundational understanding of Wing Chun theory, concepts and principles, basic defense, attacks (strikes), stances, footwork, and the complete Siu LimTao form. This is a three month/twelve week course and is very intensive. Discipline and personal practice outside of class is critical.

  2. As a courtesy to our students we do not allow unannounced "drop-in" visits. Class time is dedicated to a high level of uninterrupted instruction for West Coast Wing Chun™ students. In order to come see our school and experience a trial class before committing to the "Intro to Wing Chun Boot-camp™" we require that you request an appointment to come by sending an email through our Contact Page. We only offer a trial class during our Tuesday evening bootcamp sessions held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm so please plan accordingly in your request.

  3. Invited guests will be allowed to participate in the group warm up drills, Siu Lim Tao form and Qi Gong meditation practice. The training can be rigorous and may last up to an hour. Bring water and a towel!

  4. Guests will be required to wear a white tee shirt and black sweats or athletic pants.

  5. As our invited guest please be respectful of our kwoon rules and students. Our family will welcome you.

The "Intro to Wing Chun Boot-camp™" must be completed from start to finish as it is designed in a way that each class builds upon the previous one, giving you a depth of knowledge as you progress through the twelve weeks.

Please follow the links to continue the next steps on your path to learning Wing Chun. You can visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more details or reserve your spot for a trial class by sending us a message via our contact us page. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!